Image of stationery saying - Dance with fairies, ride a unicorn, swim with mermaids, chase rainbows.

Bright and handy writing.

The stationery obsession among us ladies is well and truly going strong. You can ever have enough pretty notebooks to keep track of all your ideas and thoughts. I personally feel in recent years as I spend more time on social media; Sometimes it can affect spelling along with auto correct on our phones. The digital age makes it too easy for us to just be lazy about not fully spelling the words ourselves. It’s nice to still use good old fashioned pen and paper instead of storing all info digitally. I know I’m not alone when it comes to taking note of something by storing it in my phone; Whether it be a product name, place or even the shopping list. A hand written list on pretty stationery is way better and strangely satisfying to tick or cross off tasks that are listed.

Stationery for everyone.

I adore pretty stationery therefore I decided to stock it in the Glitz N Glamm online store HERE. It has been a hit with so many of you since it arrived in which makes it even more exciting to see we share a fondness for the same pretty things!

The range includes two sizes at present – A5 and A6 lined paper. All of the notebooks have silver or gold gilded edges which complete and complement the hardback notebooks beautifully along with the vibrant elastic and ribbon.

The stationery range is available to view/order HERE. As always I am here to answer any questions you may have in relation to items mentioned. I value your suggestions and opinions on new items that you think I should stock. Comment below or find me on any of the usual social media platforms shown on the top and bottom of this page (click on the chosen icon to be brought to the page).