Summer Perfume

As Summer approaches; we have had a glimpse of sunshine this week to get the summer ball rolling so to speak. I have been veering towards my lighter fragrances this week. I’m not a lover of strong heavy perfumes at any time of the year but especially in summer it definitely has to be a light and fresh fragrance for me – The typical summer perfume! Smell is something very personal and individual, what I like as my summer scent may not be suited to you. A perfume can smell completely different on one person than it does on the next believe it or not! The reason for this is because of our own individual body chemistry along with factors such as hormonal changes, stress or medication to name a few. Now that the brief science bit is out of the way, I will share some of my favourite summer scents with you…

As much as we are advancing in technology all the time, we still haven’t got as far as smell-o-vision yet and oh boy I wish it was an actual ‘thing’ because this treatment fragrance from Clarins is what heaven would smell like if it was bottled (This is all my own opinion of course). I buy a bottle every spring/summer since it arrived on the market in 2010 and I’ve never got fed up of it yet. This is probably my favourite summer perfume to be honest.

Last Summer Brooke & Shoals launched a eau de toilette perfume trio. They are three very distinctively different fragrances and one to suit everyone. At Bloom in the Phoenix park last Summer I met Alison Banton, Founder & CEO of Brooke & Shoals Fragrances and she gave me some samples of her new fragrances. I was already a fan of Brooke & Shoals candle and diffuser range but now I am also converted to their fragrance range. My favourite is the lemon leave, grapefruit & green tea. It’s a fresh light perfume with citrus top notes and a heart of magnolia, fig and green tea. The pink petals, sandalwood & mimosa is a delicate floral perfume with pretty notes of pink petals entwined with velvety vanilla and soft comforting sandalwood. Lastly, the one I have been using for night time is the orange flower, amber & vetiver which is a seductive perfume with provocative notes of orange flower and floral ylang entwined with aromatic notes of amber and soft vetiver woods.

Have you guessed my favourite? – Light & Fresh!

I fell in love with Mon Jasmin Noir L’Eau Exquise Bvlgari about 3 years ago in Rome and I use it ever since. Along with the Clarins perfume mentioned earlier, I think I’ll probably still love this fragrance in many years to come. It’s so fresh, clean and dreamy. It contains notes of pomelo, almond, jasmine and white tea with a musky base. You need to smell it!

My Mother brought my next perfume choice back from New York for me last summer and I love it. She picked a good one! I adore light, fresh and clean scents as you already know and Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey meets the criteria. It has notes of lotus, freesia, cyclamen, melon, peony, lily and carnation. The end notes is a refined woody scent with the notes of cedar, sandal, musk and amber. It’s around since the 90’s so it’s standing the test of time in my opinion. Just to clarify, I’m still on my first bottle…I’m not using it since the 90’s!!

Ok, this next summer favourite of mine is from the 90’s again but I haven’t been using it that long either obviously. From all my favourites mentioned here, this is the one that I am using the longest. I wore it for a long time, stopped using it and now back using it this past few years again. This long lasting perfume is definitely fresh but more of an evening fresh than a morning and day time fresh if that makes sense?Summer Perfume | Scent | Perfume | Glitz N Glamm


Lastly, Zara Turquoise Green perfume is so fresh and light (cedarwood, neroli, freesia, rose and white musk) which is always a winner for me.

Are any of the perfume’s mentioned also some of your favourites? I’d love to hear what your favourite summer perfume is. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me through any of my social media pages.