This week little miss dainty Catherine Carton is in the 20 Questions hot seat. If you are a fan of all things pretty and shabby chic, you have got to read all about Dainty Dress Diaries.

20 Questions.

1. What is the name of your blog? My blog is called Dainty dress diaries, Dainty because I am 4ft 11, dress because I only wear dresses and then I added diaries in the end so I could blog about different topics.

2. What topics do you cover? I love writing about interiors and I mainly cover DIY projects and have a love of home-ware too. I also share some fashion posts where I share my fave dress finds.

3. When and why did you start blogging? I started blogging nearly three years ago. I kinda wanted a creative outlet and a hobby so I started with the intention to be a fashion blogger, that didn’t last long as I then started going to chalk paint classes and sewing classes and loved talking about and sharing these things so I changed direction to more of an interiors blog.

4. Who or what do you get inspiration from? I get tons of inspiration from other bloggers. I love reading blogs and I am a Pinterest addict. I am really visual so I love following people on Instagram as I find their pictures so inspiring.

5. What has been your biggest challenge since you started blogging? I think for me it has been confidence, for ages I wanted to start blogging but I was afraid of what others might think or just getting abuse, once I started i got more confident and I have grown a lot since starting it.

6. Who are your favourite bloggers and why? For interiors some of my favourites for inspiration are Dove Cottage blogThe Vintage room & The Home that Made Me. Then for beauty and lifestyle I love reading Lydia Elise Millen, Lovely Girlie Bits and Joanne Larby.

7. How do you find motivation and spare time to blog? Finding time can be hard especially for posts where I need to paint something or sew something for the blog post. I work full time so I take pics on my day off and then write in the evenings after work. What motivates me is getting creative, I just love taking and staging pretty pictures, editing and writing.

8. What are your hobbies, apart from blogging? Sewing and painting, this year I didn’t do much painting after having an operation on my thumb but next year I have painting projects that I want to do in the house.

9. What is your biggest blog related pet peeve? Negativity. I don’t get much of it directed to me but I don’t like reading Facebook groups or passive remarks from people geared at bloggers in general. I don’t mind some constructive criticism but I don’t like the way people like to gang up on fellow bloggers and try and tear down their hard work. The people spreading the negativity I wouldn’t give the time of day to so I tend to delete, block and ignore the negativity.

10. What are your favourite make up brands? I am terrible when it comes to make up as I use the same products and rarely change. When they run out I buy the same again. I couldn’t live without my Sleek contour kit. I love the Make up Revolution highlight palette, Rimmel foundation, Urban Decay eyeshadow and I am in love with the lipsticks from Penneys.

11. Do you have a pet? I do and her name is Blondie. I will have her three years after Christmas. She is a rescue kitty that we got not long after we moved into our house.

12. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Paris, a little cottage in the south of France or maybe a stone cottage in the Cotswolds beside a pub. I will need to win the lotto to buy these!

13. What type of phone/camera do you use? I use the Olympus epl-7 camera for my blog and Instagram. I bought it earlier this year and I haven’t looked back. For a long time I was using my iPhone for pictures but since getting my camera I haven’t used it for photos.

14. Can you cook? Nope but I can make a mean dippy egg and soldiers.

15. If you could find one thing that you lost, what would it be? My Dad. I lost my dad when I was 20 to cancer and if I could have one thing back in life I would choose this, losing material things no longer bother me as I know the hurt of losing someone you love.

16. Night in or night out? Night in 100% – Cosy candles, bottle of Guinness and a take away makes me happy.

17. What have you coming up that we can look forward to seeing on your blog? You tube! I have dipped my toe into making videos and I love it. I want to make DIY and painting videos along with some Vlogs on my channel.

18. Do you attend blogger events? I don’t attend many. I love going to London for the Laura Ashley one and some of the interior ones as they give a ton of inspiration. I don’t attend many as I work full time and I also sew teddy bear orders for people in the evening so my time is precious for going to events.

19. What social media platforms can you be found on? You can find me on my blog Daintydressdiaries.com, Instagram Snapchat and I also have a Youtube channel.

20. Lastly, what is your favourite thing about being a blogger? The community. As you get older it gets harder to make new friends, especially ones who share similar interests. The best thing about blogging is when you meet people who also love the things you do.
For me it is also keeps me sane as it is my outlet to get creative, express myself and get inspired.