Last year when I was running 20 questions each week, Retro Flame – Erika Fox took part in the seventh week of the feature where I ask 20 questions to my fellow bloggers. As I have started a new blog since then, I obviously took the previous site down for this new website but as I have had requests from some of you to read my old posts I am reposting a few of the most popular ones in the coming weeks.

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20 Questions

1. What is the name of your blog? Retro Flame.

2. What topics do you cover? Fashion, Lifestyle, Career & Travel.

3. When and why did you start blogging? I started blogging when I was studying Commerce in NUIG as a way to keep an element of creativity in my daily life.

4. Who or what do you get inspiration from? I love following other bloggers and business people. I’m all about the #Girlboss 🙂 .

5. What has been your biggest challenge since you started blogging? Finding a balance, for sure. When you work for yourself, it’s extremely hard to know when to switch off and so I find myself getting burnt out pretty easily. But it’s all a learning experience and the pros always always beat the cons.

6. Who are your favourite bloggers and why? My favorite bloggers are Jacey from, Mary from, Victoria from and Lydia from I especially love all these ladies on snapchat so that has definitely made me love their blogs even more.

7. How do you find motivation and spare time to blog? I always say that when you love what you do, it never seems like work. I don’t officially take any day of the week fully off as blogging, to me, is my favourite hobby. I’m lucky to have found a job that literally makes me want to work around the clock.

8. What are your hobbies, apart from blogging? I’ve just started going to a new fitness class here in NYC called, Barry’s Bootcamp and I’m hooked!

9. What is your biggest blog related pet peeve? Over use of Facetune/Photoshop – nothing annoys me more. I really don’t agree with bloggers who are not 100% real.

10. What are your favourite make up brands? Nars, Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown and Zoeva.

11. Do you have a pet? We have a dog in my house in Kerry called, Vogue. She’s adorable!

12. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I guess I have to say, NYC! I’ve always and ever wanted to live here so I’m so happy that it actually happened.

13. What type of phone/camera do you use? I have the iPhone 6+ and I use the Sony a5100.

14. Can you cook? I wish! I am so terrible. I’ve tried & tried, but I just don’t have enough passion for it. I literally live on spaghetti, haha!

15. If you could find one thing that you lost, what would it be? A beautiful suede green jacket I used to have. I just don’t know where it disappeared to.

16. Night in or night out? Night out.

17. What have you coming up that we can look forward to seeing on your blog? New York Fashion Week is just around the corner, so that will definitely be fun. I also have lots of plans for my Youtube channel over the next few months, so really excited to share lots of new videos.

18. Do you attend blogger events? I sure do! It’s always nice to catch up with my blogger friends.

19. What social media platforms can you be found on? Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest & Youtube.

20. Lastly, what is your favourite thing about being a blogger? Honestly, the friends I’ve made through having a blog. Some of my best friends (especially here in New York) are friends I’ve made through blogging. Oh and it’s also my absolute dream to be able to work for myself.

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